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Hi, I'm Stacey! I'm a pregnancy, newborn baby & family photographer. I've got two amazing, head strong kids who inspire me every day and a super supportive Hubby who shares my passion for footy and cheese and bacon cob loaf!

I've always had a love affair with photos. My Aunty has a photo wall in her home filled with memories. When we visit we all spend hours staring at the faces, pointing out the new additions to the wall and reminiscing about all the fun times. I think that's what inspired me to be a photographer. I love that I can share my passion for photos with families like yours, and capture amazing memories that your family can reminisce over for generations.

My story

I've shared my Aunty's love of photographs for as long as I can remember. I was always the family 'photographer' snapping photos of my brothers and sisters at every opportunity. I finally got my own point and shoot camera (a Pentax Espio 115V) as a gift for my 19th birthday.

From that point on I've lived with a camera in my hands. I photographed everything and everyone, to the point where I think I was starting to drive people crazy!

I love pulling out all those old albums and photos and sharing the stories with my kids. I have boxes and boxes of photos from that old Pentax camera. Nothing beats holding a photo in your hands and having all those thoughts and emotions come flooding back.

When my son was born in 2008 I really wanted to take my photography to the next level. I wanted to make sure the photographs I captured of him were beautiful and special and more that just happy snaps.

In 2009 my hubby bought me my first digital SLR camera and in 2010 I took my hobby to tafe and graduated with a Cert IV in photoimaging.

Since then I’ve done several courses and one-on-one mentoring with some of the world’s leading photographers.


I’m constantly learning and perfecting my craft through training and workshops. In 2019 I became a certified photographer with The Academy of Newborn Photography and in 2020 I was awarded two Bronze awards in the Rise International Photography Awards.

Photos never felt more important than after my mum passed away suddenly in 2019. I'm so grateful for my obsession with taking photos of every moment and every occasion. It means we will never forget her smile, her coyness, the lines on her face and the deep blue of her eyes. You don’t realise how important photos are until your loved ones are taken away from you.

I'm truly blessed to be able to meet so many amazing families, and knowing that the photographs we create will be cherished for a lifetime really makes my heart sing. It might not seem like it now, but just like my Aunty's photo wall, these photos will be priceless one day. Photography is an investment that will only grow in value as the years go by. 

Stacey x

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Bronze award.png


Capturing every emotion and every tiny detail to make your moments truly unforgettable

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what's your theme song?

1. Days go by - Keith Urban

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1. margarita

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lamb and veggies

1. yoga pants and a singlet

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my mum


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5. all of the above!

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