Stacey McCarthy Camden newborn photographer

Hi, I'm Stacey!

I'm so glad you're here! 

I'm a pregnancy, newborn, baby & family photographer from Sydney's South West, and I can't wait to create something beautiful for you and your family.


I've got two amazing kids who inspire me every day and a super supportive Hubby who shares my passion for footy and cheese and bacon cob loaf!

I'm a tea addict, a stationary junkie and a lover of all things caramel.

I believe that photographs are the key to a long and lasting legacy and that every family should have tangible printed memories to hold on to.

As a mum myself I believe we all deserve to have beautiful photographs with our children.


After loosing my Mum suddenly in 2019 I also believe your children deserve to have beautiful photographs of you!

Stacey x


Certified with The Academy of Newborn Photography

Choosing a photographer to photograph your brand new baby can be a stressful decision. There are so many amazing photographers and lots of different pricing and package options available.

As a fully certified photographer with The Academy of Newborn Photography, you can rest assured that your precious baby is in safe hands. As part of my certification I have been trained in pre and post natal, newborn and workplace health and safety, as well as carrying a certificate in infant and baby first aid and CPR.

Even if you decide not to book me, you should do your research and find a photographer that has the necessary skills and experience in handling newborns.



get to know me

the quiz


what's your theme song?

1. Days go by - Keith Urban

2. Run the world - Beyoncé

3. Photograph - Ed Sheerin

4. Can't knock the hustle - Jay Z


what's your drink of choice?

1. margarita

2. dirty Martini

3. screwdriver

4. cosmopolitan


if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?


what's your go-to outfit?

lamb and veggies

1. yoga pants and a singlet

2. jeans and a t-shirt

3. dress and heels

4. cute little playsuit


what are you most likely to binge watch?

1. GOT

2. Tiger King

3. Bridgerton



where do you get most of your ideas?

1. in the shower

2. at my desk

3. at the gym

4. in the car


what are you most affraid of?

1. spiders

2. heights

3. public Speaking

4. snakes


living or dead, who would you most like to have dinner with?

my mum


what's your choice of dessert?

1. waffles and ice-cream

2. chocolate brownie

3. apple pie

4. caramel sundae


who was your teen crush?

1. Brad Pitt

2. Tom Cruise

3. Leonardo Di Caprio

4. Keanu Reeves


pineapple on a pizza?

Yes                    No


what's your ideal pet?

1. cats

2. dogs

3. birds

4. fish


which song would you be most likely to sing at Karaoke?


1. I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston

2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

3. Wannabe - Spice Girls

4. Livin' on a prayer - Bon Jovi

5. all of the above!

coffee or tea?

coffee                  tea

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