Cosgrove Family | Macarthur Family Photographer

I just love photographing these guys! Every time I get home from a session with The Cosgroves my cheeks hurt from laughing so much. I've been lucky enough to capture a pregnancy, two newborns and a number of family sessions for these guys and we always have so much fun.

As a family photographer I love it when my families are relaxed and enjoying themselves. I don't want anyone worrying about the kids or trying to keep them under control, I want Mum's and Dad's to let their hair down and just have a great experience, because that's when the most beautiful photographs are captured.

And I can't tell you how much easier my job is when Dad is on board with having family photos. I've photographed Dad's who can't get the session over and done with quick enough, they don't relax and that makes Mum frustrated and some times embarrassed.

Thank goodness Rick isn't one of those Dad's! In fact, he's the opposite. He's the entertainment - for the kids and me! haha. I'm sure Vanessa would agree, there's never a dull moment when Rick's around.

Camden really turned it on for us with a warm summer sunset and just the right amount of light peeking through the trees. I feel so lucky to be able to create beautiful memories like this for these guys.

Rick and Vanessa, I can't wait to share more laughs with you and help you celebrate more of your life story with beautiful photographs.

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