Newborn Photography & Safety | Sydney Newborn Photographer

Did you know the newborn photography industry in Australia isn't regulated. What does that mean? It means anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a 'photographer' without having any formal training or qualification. Without the proper training or experience, these photographers could be putting your baby at risk.

Do they know how to position your baby's head to avoid positional asphyxiation?

Do they know how to recognise if your baby is suffering form hypo or hyperthermia?

Do they know the warning signs of a baby in respiratory distress?

I'm incredibly passionate about making sure that my tiniest clients are as safe as possible. That's why I'm a certified professional photographer with The Academy of Newborn Photography. I choose to invest in my own personal development and training so that you can rest easy knowing that your beautiful baby is in good hands. Safe hands.

The training involves 20 modules covering perinatal and neonatal care, newborn safety and occupational health and safety. As part of my training I also hold a certificate in baby and infant first aid and CPR, so if anything does happen during your session...well let's not even go there.

Being a mum, or owning the best digital camera on the market isn't a good enough reason to trust just anyone with the most precious little person in your life. When you're looking for a newborn photographer please make sure you choose someone who is a professional, and has experience working with newborns.

I've been photographing newborns since my son was born in 2008. During that time my style has evolved and changed. I've done a number of in-person workshops as well as on line training in both safety and posing. For this reason I've made the professional decision not to put babies in certain 'popular' poses because I feel that their safety could be compromised. I'll never put your baby into a position they weren't comfortable being in, or that you're not comfortable with. Every baby is different. I may also ask you or Dad to 'spot' your baby during the session for a little added safety.

For the health and safety of both your family and mine, the studio has strict hygiene policies and practices in place. I've completed the Covid-19 infection control online training, all hard surfaces are cleaned and sanitised between sessions, wraps and blankets are washed in laundry sanitiser and delicate items are cleaned by hand. When you enter the studio I ask that everyone uses the hand sanitiser supplied and it will be available for use throughout the session if needed.

I've carefully considered all areas of my business practices in order to keep you, your family and especially your new baby safe. I want your experience to be as stress free as possible when you're in the studio, and I want you to look at your beautiful photographs with fondness as you reminisce about our time together.

I understand how important it is to find a photographer that's a perfect fit for your personality and your style, and even if that isn't me I still want to make sure you make an informed decision. Here are some questions you should ask when considering a newborn photographer:

  • How long have you been working with newborns?

  • What safety procedures are in place in the studio?

  • Have you done any newborn specific posing training? With whom?

  • What happens in the case of illness (both photographer and client)?

  • Are your vaccinations up to date?

If you'd like to chat about having me capture your baby's story, please give ma a call on 0408 208 786 or fill in the contact form to get in touch.