What's your portrait style? | Macarthur Family Photographer

During your pre session planning one of the things we'll chat about will be what style of portraits you prefer. When you flick through my galleries or even look at your friend's beautiful portraits, there may be some that you're drawn to more than others and you might not realise it, but it's probably because of the style of portraits they are.

There are three main styles of portraits I tend to shoot with my families - traditional, environmental and candid. Let's have a look at each of them and help you work out your style...


Traditional portraits are just what they sound like. Your gorgeous family standing or sitting posed and looking at the camera. I always try to put a little bit of a modern, fun twist on my traditional portraits so they don't feel stuffy and cold. It could be popping the kids on Dad's shoulders, or asking you to wrap your arms around them for a big bear hug. Traditional portraits are beautiful and they're usually the ones that mums and grandmas love.


Environmental portraits are one of my favourites. Being a family photographer in the Camden and Macarthur area there are so many beautiful locations for us to take advantage of. An environmental portrait is a shot of you and your family surrounded by the beautiful landscape around you. I'll give you a little bit of guidance with how to pose or what to do and then leave it up to you so the end result is something natural and relaxed. Environmental portraits make a great feature for your wall because of their subtlety and beauty.


Candid portraits are a bit more of a documentary style if you like. They are much less posed and more of your family just doing you. I'll usually give you a subtle prompt and then just watch your family react and connect in front of my camera. Candid portraits usually mean some of you, or all of you are not looking at the camera. Sometimes the focus is on just one family member and sometimes I just take photos and you may not even realise it. Candid portraits are perfect for filling up the pages of an album and just capturing your family for a moment in time, exactly as you are.

I hope that helps you with deciding what type of portraits you'd love to have of your family. So, now you have a bit more of an idea of what each style looks like, which one do you prefer?

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