newborn photographer camden

The Studio...

The studio is cute and cozy and has every thing we need to photograph your precious newborn. There is a comfy couch for you to sit back and relax and a change table for your convenience. 

I always allow plenty of time for cuddles and extra feeds, so this is a comfortable space for you to feel at home. All my products are on display for you to look at, to touch, feel and fall in love with. 

If there's something special or sentimental you'd like to included in your portraits please feel free to let me know (even send a photo) so I can plan a special shot for you.

This is the start of your brand new journey. let's capture every tiny detail of your precious baby and turn them into beautiful, tangible memories you can cherish forever.


Certified with The Academy of Newborn Photography

Choosing a photographer to photograph your brand new baby can be a stressful decision. There are so many amazing photographers and lots of different pricing and package options available.

As a fully certified photographer with The Academy of Newborn Photography, you can rest assured that your precious baby is in safe hands. As part of my certification I have been trained in pre and post natal, newborn and workplace health and safety, as well as carrying a certificate in infant and baby first aid and CPR.

Even if you decide not to book me, you should do your research and find a photographer that has the necessary skills and experience in handling newborns.

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